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Introduction – Most children enjoy swimming against other children. The club provides the opportunity for all members to taste competition. The first introduction to competitive swimming is provided in the clubs own championship galas. A large proportion of such swimmers will go on and be selected by the club to swim in one of our league gala teams and for those that want to go further, the club organises entries into a number of ‘open’ galas.

Club Championship Galas – The club organises four main championship galas a year. Events are available for all standards. Races are available aimed specifically at swimmers in the first width group upwards. The club will publicise these galas but it is the responsibility of the individual swimmer to enter. Entry forms are available in the foyer on a Friday night, normally for at about four weeks. Entries cost £1.50 per event and must be handed in at least four weeks before the gala. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. The gala dates, closing dates and summary of the events for this year are provided in the gala schedule.  The schedule for next year will appear around the end of the year.

League Galas – The club enters a team in a number of leagues. Each of the leagues are aimed at various standard and age of swimmers. The club selection committee attempt to select a balanced team based on the known standard of club swimmers. The basic standards are derived from the way swimmers perform in the club championships. Every time a swimmer takes part in a race, their time is recorded and used by the selection committee. Swimmers are not normally allowed to swim in these events until the calendar year in which they become nine. In this year they are only allowed to swim in relays. They become eligible to swim in individual events in the calendar year that they become ten. Teams are normally selected about three weeks before the gala date and a team list is put on the notice board. Tickets for each swimmer are put out in the foyer on Friday nights. These tickets specify the date and the venue and a telephone number. It is important that these tickets are picked up as soon as possible and even more important that the club is notified if the swimmer is not able to swim. Regular team members should keep future gala dates in mind when organising other events and warn the selection committee in advance if they will not be available for selection. The latest fixture can be found in the current fixture list . Club colours are presented to a swimmer when they have completed 10 galas for the club.

Open Galas – Various clubs organise galas for individuals to enter. These normally provide events in all four strokes aimed at specifically aged swimmers. Some of the galas are one length races others are 100 meter races. To take part in these events the swimmers must be registered as competative swimmers with the ASA (cost about £16 per year). The club normally co-ordinates entries into these events but it is the individuals responsibility to enter. Costs are normally about £2 to £3 per event entered.

If you have any queries please ask, the club aims to provide for the needs of all members but cannot help if we are not aware of your problems!